Rotary Global Scholar for Peace, Conflict Prevention & Resolution
Consultant for Cyber, Space and Future Conflicts

Centre for Doctoral Training in Cyber Security
University of Oxford

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Researcher & Consultant

International Relations

Sovereignty in cyber space, arms procurement, strategic communication, nuclear proliferation

Public International Law

Humanitarian law, human rights, privacy and freedom of expression

Cyber Security & Defense

Governance of emerging technologies, cyber defence policies, escalation theories

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Major research in progress or forthcoming

  • “Autonomous Weapons and the Law of Targeting: Categorising Use-Case to Map Operational Constraints”, International Review of the Red Cross, Digital Technology and War Special Edition. Revised and resubmitted.
  • NEW! "Mapping the Known Unknowns of Cybersecurity Education: A Review of Syllabi on Cyber Conflict and Security", Journal of Political Science Education. With Trey Herr and Max Smeets. Forthcoming 2020.

Latest publications, presentations and media appearances

Cyberspace Regulation - Lawfare

Autonomous Weapons - EISS 2018

Smart-cities & Privacy - CyberWorld

North Korea and Detterence - RDN

Offensive Cyber Ops - Lawfare

Academia & the Real World - Rotary

My home and partner institutions

The CDT in Cyber Security is a four-year interdisciplinary doctoral programme which looks at the topic from a range of angles including computer science, social science, business and international relations.

The all-graduate college is known for its egalitarian and modern culture, its strong international outlook and its friendly community of scholars.
Its motto translates into 'nothing to do with human beings is foreign to me'.

The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council is dedicated to funding research and training in its broad domain of competence. It is part of UK Research and Innovation. 

The Foundation acts as the charity of Rotary International and is dedicated to the betterment of the human condition through peace, health, education and development.

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